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Back End

Back End

We use modern PHP frameworks to develop our server side applications. They're fast to develop with and provide access to many systems such as complex database structures, caching, emailing, queued tasks, and can be extended with many other packages.

The often overlooked part of a website is the server back end. At its bare minimum, this is the code that loads or creates the pages of a website and distributes them to the browser but can do so much more.

Web Application Development

We use a mixture of technologies on our servers, this could be custom code written in Laravel which allows us to develop fast and provides access to many additional systems such as complex database structures, caching, emailing, image optimisations, queued tasks, and even dynamic Excel and PDF file generation.

Content Management Systems

Sometimes a website is more about the content and aesthetic rather than the complex data structures, so we also utilise modern Content Management Systems such as CraftCMS or Prismic to provide editability of content within a defined template.

CRM and Marketing Integrations

We've worked with a variety of CRM and Marting tools, Hubspot, Klaviyo, Active Campaign and MailChimp as examples. Typically integrating with each via their APIs allows website leads to be created from forms or activities on a website. Each is different, so if you use another let us know and we can work out how best to integrate with it.

Email Sending

Sometimes external marketing mail management systems simply don't cut it. We've developed our own bespoke systems with complex logic based on user preferences and scenarios to populate templates so that customised emails can be sent to tens of thousands of users daily.