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Latest Projects

A couple of the most recent projects we have been working on.

The Diversity Standards Collective

Online Surveying Platform

The Diversity Standards Collective aims to help underrepresented communities within the population have their say on how they are represented in advertising and marketing. They achieve this by surveying specific demographics on particular advertising campaigns proposed by large retail brands.Redtangle produced a bespoke platform to allow respondents to be enrolled in and complete a survey, be paid for it and then have their responses compiled into aggregated detailed reports, with additional DSC analysis, which is then passed on to the brands or agencies working on their behalf.

The Diversity Standards Collective
Escape The City

Escape The City

Frontend Redevelopment

Escape The City help people quit their corporate jobs and find work that matters to them and the world. They provide job listings, courses, resources and events all driven by an extensive database system. Their well-established website however was performing slowly, Redtangle was tasked with overhauling all the frontend pages to make them perform faster and to improve Search Engine ranking. Load times and responsiveness were improved dramatically, leading to more traffic, longer session times on the website, and lower bounce rates.


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