Why is a new Redtangle website significant?

Published Thursday 16th of January 2014 by Andy Talbot

First of all I should start by saying that our old website was OLD! It was put up back in 2007 when we first set up the company. At the time the requirements for the website were to get something up fast and to make sure it showed off our work in a reasonable way. The design didn't have to be too fancy, and the underlying code, well it didn't really matter right? We were going to have a whole new site as soon as we got the chance!

Well 7 years passed and the old site was actually holding up pretty well.  It was built for a maximum screen resolution of 800x600, which by virtue meant that it actually still looked okay on tablet screens now - not much need to pinch and zoom! The assets were all pretty small, connection speeds back then were not all that great so we had optimised all our assets like crazy. Without meaning to, we had actually built a pretty mobile friendly site.

Unfortunately the old site was a bit of a pain to keep up to date, it had no content management system, therefore no quick way of promoting our recent work. Over time we simply started to rely on Facebook and Twitter. Without regular updates the site soon started to drop rank on the search engines and our visitor count diminished.

Something needed to be done - we were aching to rebrand and get a new site up!

Unfortunately every time we got a moment to work on the website, client work would build up and we would have to down tools to visit it another day... often with many days in between. We're not going to complain of course though, it's the client work that pays the bills after all.

But we finally did it! We got a new website finished and uploaded, and yeah we're pretty happy with it. It looks pretty normal on the surface, but that's part of its charm.

To find out a bit about what's under the bonnet of the new site read our article "developing the Redtangle 2014 website".

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